Holiday Magic (Elvenswood Tales 1)

Charlie, the only non-witch in a family of witches, has resigned herself to the role of the black sheep who doesn’t fit in. She lives a normal, boring human life, interrupted only by the occasional family visit over the holidays.

But even a normal, boring human can run into a vampire. Hugo might just be the caring, protective, blood-drinking boyfriend Charlie never knew she needed, even if her family will disapprove.

Before Charlie and Hugo can even go on a proper date, Fae try to ruin Christmas, and Charlie finds herself confronted with her vampire boyfriend’s very hot Elven friend. The three of them will have to take a trip to Faerie to save Christmas before they can figure out who gets to kiss whom first.

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Arrow Struck (Elvenswood Tales 2)

Laurette is the luckiest Elf in all of New Elvenswood — his longtime friend, the vampire Hugo, and the human non-witch Charlie are in love with Laurette, and he is in love with them. Everything would be perfect if only those two finally decided to move in with Laurette, quite their jobs, and spend all their time with him. And Laurette has plans to sway his lovers’ minds on Valentine’s Day.

Charlie finds herself tightly suspended between the attentions of one hot Elf and one hot vampire, and there is no place she would rather be. And then, a colleague decides he wants to claim Charlie, whether she is in a relationship or not.

Enter Cupid, mistress of arrows and bringer of love, because loving the right person is especially important with spring warming hungry hearts… except not everyone agrees with the accuracy of Cupid’s aim.

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