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Can be read as a standalone.

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Aife has been pulled out of her own time into the present day, and is struggling with a strange new world she can hardly comprehend. The only constant that she knows, the only person that can even being to understand her, is Myrtis. Yet Myrtis is a vampire who hides his true feelings all too easily.

Myrtis knows loneliness and has sought it out. He knows the pain of love and loss even better. He swore to Aife that he would help her fit into this time. Loving her wasn’t what he anticipated when he met the druid, but it isn’t a feeling he will deny.

Elsewhere in the city, a creature brought back from the dead is longing for his freedom from the necromacress who reanimated him. Draining a druid’s power might just be the way to accomplish that, and so the creature sets out to become free, because alive simply isn’t enough.

Out Now!

All Jo wants is a quiet night at the movies, but the movies are becoming real, and some are out to get her. Robert, English and vampire, does not see himself as a saver of damsels, so he is delighted to find Jo anything but a damsel, even if she did need saving. Courting while fighting monsters is a first for Robert, and falling in love with a vampire is a first for Jo. It will take their combined efforts to protect reality from all the b-movie horrors the silver screen has to offer.

Desire Under the Silver Screen is available from Cobblestone Press and Amazon.