A Taste of Magic (Fairview Chronicles 1)

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Somehow after dropping out of college, Cora’s life has become one part Dresden Files, one part Buffy. She thought she was heading for a boring, uneventful future. Instead she tumbles into the supernatural underbelly of Fairview as a PI’s freshly minted assistant. Will she manage to tame the not-so-vampiric lover who has her on his radar?

Valerian enjoys his life eating the greed of humanity. When he stumbles into Cora, he happens to find her quite the delectable morsel. He wants to savor her fully and introduce her to the paranormal world she’s never known about before. There are annoying creatures to overcome before Valerian can have his way with her. But nothing will keep him from making Cora his.

Bonus material: author interview, interview with Valerian

A Curse at the Museum (Fairview Chronicles), Cobblestone Press, Amazon.

A gruesome murder at Fairview Museum unsettles Brendan’s work routine and leaves him as annoyed as any vampire would be. When Mai finds her longtime coworker and crush Brendan finally gets closer to her because of the murder, she is thrilled. But nothing good ever comes without a price; a cursed mummy is loose at Fairview Museum. Will Mai and Brendan be able to stop it?

Luminous Dreams
Release Date: September 22, 2015 (World Weaver Press)
Editor: Cori Vidae
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Demons Imps and Incubi
Release Date: June 23, 2015 (World Weaver Press)
Editor: Laura Harvey
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