Cover Reveal: Luminous Dreams


Here it is, and isn’t this an amazing new cover for this hot collection?

To celebrate the new cover (the old one got a bit singed because the content is just too hot) there is one additional story in the book now. This means that even if you knew the old cover, picking up this new and shinier version won’t bore you in the least!

You can check out some of the content here. If you just want to buy the book though, that’s fine, Amazon lets you pre-order your copy or you can order it directly from World Weaver Press. Luminous Dreams will be available again on December 13.

Also, massive thanks to Cori Vidae, my lovely editor. Luminous Dreams would not be here without her!

ETA 12/1: If you are in the US and want to win one of eight copies, check out to Goodreads giveaway!


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