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All Jo wants is a quiet night at the movies, but the movies are becoming real, and some are out to get her. Robert, English and vampire, does not see himself as a saver of damsels, so he is delighted to find Jo anything but a damsel, even if she did need saving. Courting while fighting monsters is a first for Robert, and falling in love with a vampire is a first for Jo. It will take their combined efforts to protect reality from all the b-movie horrors the silver screen has to offer.

Desire Under the Silver Screen is available from Cobblestone Press and Amazon.

Now available!

“A Taste of Magic” (Fairview Chronicles #1) is now available! Welcome to Fairview and enjoy your stay!

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If you want something to read while you wait for release day, there’s an interview with me and another one in which Valerian answers a few questions. Maybe he also eats someone, who knows?

Somehow after dropping out of college, Cora’s life has become one part Dresden Files, one part Buffy. She thought she was heading for a boring, uneventful future. Instead she tumbles into the supernatural underbelly of Fairview as a PI’s freshly minted assistant. Will she manage to tame the not-so-vampiric lover who has her on his radar?

Valerian enjoys his life eating the greed of humanity. When he stumbles into Cora, he happens to find her quite the delectable morsel. He wants to savor her fully and introduce her to the paranormal world she’s never known about before. There are annoying creatures to overcome before Valerian can have his way with her. But nothing will keep him from making Cora his.