Luminous Dreams is here!


As of September 22 (was that really only five days ago??) my hot short story collection, Luminous Dreams, is out there in the wild. I am extremely happy with it. Without the editorial talents of Cori Vidae and the great people over at Red Moon Romance, the little book would not be what it is, so I am immensely grateful to them.

There is a little…post about it on the Red Moon Romance blog. My alter ego has been writing about it here and here (she can be a little mean, and I think her concerns about Valerian are completely unfounded.) Cori has a lil something on her website as well.

But actually, you want to know more about what’s in the book, don’t you? Well, there is shapeshifting. There is magic also, plenty of it. Yes, there are even vampires (note the plural.) There is of course a lot of romance in there, also sex. If it sounds like something you are interested, do take a peek. If you feel like you want to contact me during or after, leave a comment here or click ‘Contact’ on the left of this site to get in touch. I always love to hear what readers think!


Announcing Luminous Dreams


This is very much overdue, but what can I say? Life keeps me busy. Luminous Dreams, a collection of eight sexy short stories, sold to RMR where it landed in the capable hands of editor Cori Vidae. Here, before I start blabbing, you should read this:

Relax, close your eyes…and dream. Eight tales, eight sensual dreams of enchantment, wanderlust and lovers’ longings, of searching and finding; these dreams tell of birds of fire, curses that lie like bridges between night and day, and hunger for sweet seduction.
This should give you an idea of what to expect. 😉

Demons, Imps, and Incubi: they are here!


Oh, doesn’t it look shiney? I am so very please to welcome this collection on bookshelves both digital and real, not least of all because my…lovely if demanding Valerian managed to squeeze his ego between the covers and into a well assembled table of contents.

I feel like I owe a massive dose of THANK YOU!s to editor extraordinaire Laura Harvey (aka Mistress of the Red Pen); thank you, Laura, for every single comment and correction.

Readers, you might find these little contributor interviews here and here of interest.

Also, if you read it, please feel free to let me know how you liked Measures of Greed. Valerian, too, would undoubtedly…love to hear from you. I’ll gladly pass on notes and comments. :}

Story Sale: Measures of Greed

© Alexa Piper

I am quite delighted that the first announcement I get to make on this shiny site is a story sale. My short story Measures of Greed sold to Red Moon Romance.

The story will appear in the anthology Demons, Imps, and Incubi, to be released in summer 2015 and edited by Laura Harvey, Mistress of sharp pens.

Measures introduces Valerian, who is a very sweet guy…just kidding. He’s not sweet, but then again, not all candy is made from honey alone. I’m sure you’ll still enjoy the read.